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Frequently asked questions on kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling services

12 Year Countertop Warranty

We ensure our product is built to last. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Transparent Pricing + No Hidden Fees

What you see is what you pay. No hidden fees. No Pressure Sales.

Secure payments

All payments collected are secured and documented to the highest standard.


Yes! We don’t charge a penny for our design consultations. This is time for us to learn & translate your vision, working 1-on-1 to make sure your dream kitchen becomes a reality. 

Yes! We offer a Free Quote after your Design Consultation. We do the Design Consultation to ensure you get all the details to put together a proper quote, so we typically take measurements, plan out the materials used, and the time it’s going to take to install – the full project plan. 

You’re always welcome to come into one of our showrooms – it’s a great way to meet our designers, see the materials and learn more about how we work. It’s not mandatory, as we offer in-home appointments and we typically send a design team “on-location” to see the space and draft proper plans. 

Find inspiration and start dreaming up your perfect kitchen. When we meet we can start to plan and design that dream kitchen. 

This is a tough question, without knowing anything about the project and is a big reason why we offer the Free Design Consultation.

Typically a remodel will cost anywhere from 8,000 – 50,000+, really depends on your kitchen size, the materials used and how drastic the remodel is. 

We work very similarly to the top global competitors, however we have an emphasis on reducing waste, economic friendly options, and environmentally friendly options. We use engineered recycled stone, instead of mined slabs. This reduces the negative impact that slab mining has on the earth. 

We don’t do kitchen tear outs, and we don’t do full kitchen demolition. We feel like there’s way easier ways to get your dream kitchen using the foundation and materials you already have at your disposal. Why waste a perfectly good foundation? 

We do full bathroom remodels, which includes full demolition. We do full demolition in bathrooms but would still attempt to reduce waste and use existing structures (pending there’s nothing foundationally wrong), this means we can cover up your existing tile walls without having to demo.

Install / Signing

A StoneCraft countertop project is usually done within a few days or less.  Cabinet refacing projects are usually done in 5 business days but for larger kitchens can be 10.  For a full bathroom remodel, it’s good to book 2 weeks.

Yes, all our Stone is protected by a 12 Year Warranty. Our cabinet refacing has a 5 year warranty. 

We usually have two man crews in your home.  We also will have a plumber come out either during or after you project.

For countertops, we need you to remove everything from countertops.  For cabinet refacing we need your cabinets cleaned out. 


Congrats! You’re one step closer to the remodel – Once signing is completed, you then are prompted to  pay a deposit of 10% or $1000 maximum.  We schedule your template or measure and install date. This deposit will secure your project with our team. 

These two terms are very commonly misused, but usually pointed towards the same goal – making old cabinets look brand new. Refacing, is when you use a laminate overlay that goes on top of the existing cabinet. Resurfacing is usually a mix of sanding, painting and staining cabinets to achieve a desired look. 

We do refacing because it usually last much longer, and you have more flexibility with the desired look. 

As you can imagine, mining natural slabs of rock has a huge impact on the environment. We use recycled stone to create engineered quartz countertops, this reduces the waste and impact on the enviroment. It also has the same result as a natural stone – scratch, stain and impact resistant without the tedious upkeep. 

We use an overlay system because it reduces how much stone is actually used and typically there’s no functional reason for a thick slab – especially when you can get the same results from a quarter to half inch thick well engineered stone.  

Yes, we recently went independent and rebranded to StoneCraft (2023) as the franchise we were apart of wasn’t moving in a direction we wanted to go. 

Still the same team, same owner but we’ve upgraded our products and service offering. We’re very happy and proud to be privately owned – this gives us the freedom and flexibility to be StoneCraft, without any limitations. 

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