StoneCraft Kitchen & Bath

At StoneCraft, we believe that every home should be a seamless reflection of its surroundings. The recent transformation of the Collins family kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room is a true testament to this philosophy. With a keen focus on harmonizing nature and modern design, we turned to our exclusive 2023 StoneCollection, featuring the exquisite Glacier Stone, to bring a touch of contemporary elegance to these spaces.

The use of pristine white stone, adorned with delicate grey veins, not only adds a sense of sophistication but also seamlessly complements the natural surroundings and lush plant life nearby.

The newly remodeled areas stand as an embodiment of our commitment to creating functional yet visually stunning living spaces that effortlessly merge with the beauty of the outdoors, allowing the Collins family to enjoy a harmonious blend of comfort and natural allure within their home.”

Glacier Stone Backsplash 

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