StoneCraft Kitchen & Bath

Discover the breathtaking metamorphosis of Felicity’s Kitchen, masterfully reimagined by the skilled artisans at StoneCraft. Drawing inspiration from our exclusive 2023 StoneCollection, we seamlessly merged the captivating allure of Glacier and Marquina Stones.

The centerpiece Glacier slab, gracefully adorning the central island amidst a palette of navy blue accents and pristine white cabinetry, exudes an air of refined elegance

The juxtaposition of Glacier’s delicate veining with the cool kitchen tones established a captivating harmony, infusing the space with a contemporary yet inviting atmosphere. Felicity’s Kitchen stands as a testament to our commitment to seamlessly blend exquisite design with functional sophistication, creating a culinary sanctuary that transcends mere functionality and evolves into an aesthetic masterpiece.

Glacier Stone Counterts

Cabinet Refacing