StoneCraft Kitchen & Bath

At our latest project, the transformation of Frederico’s kitchen was a masterpiece of form and function. Striving for a contemporary, yet timeless look, we incorporated the sleek elegance of alpine grey stone, expertly juxtaposed against pristine white cabinetry. Our heat-resistant, stain, and scratch-resistant countertops were handpicked, catering to Frederico’s bustling life as a culinary artist.

Selecting the alluring Alpine Grey Stone as the cornerstone of the renovation, we ensured a perfect balance between natural charm and modern sophistication.

Moreover, the stone’s unique heat resistance, coupled with its remarkable resistance to stains and scratches, offered Frederico the peace of mind he needed to pursue his culinary endeavors without compromising the kitchen’s impeccable aesthetic. With its nuanced blend of elegance and functionality, the Alpine Grey Stone emerged as the perfect embodiment of the project’s ethos: creating a space that transcends trends and stands the test of time.

The Challenger

Update and modernize an outdated kitchen – providing a clean and ample update for a chef kitchen. 

We wanted to provide a counter that looked clean and matched Frederico’s minimalist design style. 


The Result

The minimalist and clean design further enhanced the kitchen’s modern aesthetic, providing an inviting space that seamlessly merged practicality with aesthetic appeal. The result was an inviting, functional, and visually striking kitchen that perfectly encapsulated the client’s vision and lifestyle.