StoneCraft Kitchen & Bath

We had the pleasure of transforming Lisa’s modest half bath into a tranquil haven of relaxation and style. Drawing inspiration from soothing soft blue tones, we curated a calming ambiance that resonated with a sense of serenity. The carefully selected Mount Cemento stone played a pivotal role in shaping the space, enveloping the walls and the shower in an understated yet striking elegance.

Its subtle yet distinct texture added depth and character, harmonizing seamlessly with the soothing color palette and amplifying the room’s tranquil allure.

A custom-designed vanity top further elevated the space, serving as a testament to our unwavering commitment to personalized craftsmanship and attention to detail. The amalgamation of the stone-clad walls, the refreshing blue hues, and the bespoke elements coalesced to create a bathroom that exuded a beautiful spa-like quality with a contemporary twist, offering an oasis of rejuvenation within the confines of home.

The Challenge (Before)

A complete bathroom remodel, from the ground up. 

Lisa wanted a spa like atmosphere that promoted tranquility and peace. An oasis of rejuvenation. 

The Result

n our recent bathroom remodeling project, we transformed a half bath into a serene retreat with a modern touch. By incorporating soft blue tones and Mount Cemento stone, both on the walls and in the shower, we achieved a harmonious, spa-like ambiance.